About Us

Christie X White began as a hobby in lockdown, like many I found my self uninspired and looking for something to brighten my mood. My mum inspired me to make candles, as she would bring new life to used candles by melting down old wax, and decorating the jars to use around the house. After years of watching her upcycle old candles, I thought I would give it a go. I became obsessed with all things candle related. Soon after I decided to also try my hand at making wax melts. I enjoyed the way wax melts allowed for more creativity with the shapes I could create and, decorations I could use.


Although candle making started as a hobby. The moment I decided to create Christie X White I turned my attention to creating something unique that represents my life.


You may notice that everything we create has a little personal touch. For example, island gal representing my Jamaican heritage. Madre, because as a child I liked to spice things up, (bearing in mind I can't speak Spanish) I always called my mum Madre. There are many more little tokens throughout and we will continue to add more as we grow. However, I couldn't leave without telling you all how obsessed I am with our afro lady wax melts and logo! It's a mini-me and a perfect nod to us being a modern black-owned business.