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About Us

Christie X White originally started as a hobby in 2020 lockdown. I made candles to pass the time, inspired by mum who had been making candles for her personal use for years. As I was creating the brand, I began to delve into what I wanted CXW to represent. The one thing I was sure of is I never wanted it to be like other brands, as I felt there’s no power or authenticity in copying what has been done before. So I took inspiration from my journey into adulthood and self-love. 


Self-love is a different journey for many. For me, a lot of my struggles revolved around my hair. Throughout my entire teen years, I hid behind relaxers, weaves and extensions; and refused to wear my hair naturally. I never really loved my natural self and did not appreciate any of my defining black features. It seems crazy to me now as I am so proud to be black, and I wouldn’t change my afro hair for the world. 


My Afro has now become a strong part of my identity, which is why I also had to make It a predominant part of Christie X White. I also wanted to create products that are minimalistic and allow everyone the chance to have afro-centric pieces in their home regardless of their style. 


Christie X White celebrates Afro hair whilst also promoting self-love and positivity. We create beautiful handcrafted products that are vegan and cruelty-free. Time and care is taken with each candle as they’re all made by hand in small batches.

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